Cuplé brand

The first Cuplé shop was opened in Elche (Alicante, Spain) in 1987, by the brand creator Antonia Pastor. From then more own shops were opened in Elche, Alicante, Murcia and Valencia. This meant the origin of the Cuplé stores chain.
In 1998 starts the development chain with franchises, with great success and with a great market acceptance, reaching 30 stores.

In the last few years, Cuplé has grown with more than 100 new franchises across the country, Europe, Asia and South America, consolidating as one of the reference chain of the industry. Fashion, comfort, style, elegance… A different women wants a place in society. Cuplé was born to wear and respond to these trendy and urban women who doesn´t want to give up her feminity.

We are committed to group a wide variety of proposals are renewed each season, responding not only to trends and changing tastes of our target audience, but also to the need of our franchisees to have a quality, attractive and profitable product.

But the solidity and relevance of our brand would not be possible without our professional team is available for all network to assist and to provide them with all the necessary tools to get the maximum business success.


A challenge for fashion, quality and professionalism.


We are aware we must be able to give back the society part of the profits gives us.

Our CSR policies are integrated in the company from two areas: the corporate governance of the company and the social action.

Our feedback with our stakeholders (suppliers, customers, employees and franchisees) concentrates the principal link of our CSR policies. For this reason our corporate governance, where exists parity both in the composition and in decisions making, and our employees, where the 80% are women, support non-discrimination, equality and establishment of codes of conduct to promote motivation and productivity in understanding atmosphere. From the point of view of social action, we have made different collaborations with nonprofit organizations for homeless people and women.

We collaborate with Afesip with the donation of a yearly % of the sales for several years. Afesip is an organization ensures Cambodian girls and women security at risk of sexual slavery and human trafficking. For this reason we look for the same awareness of our franchisees.


Our goal is to make women feel special, creating products according to their needs and with which they
identify themselves. A product combines the last trends with quality and comfort in which it´s worth investing.

In Cuple we love our job. We don´t just sell fashion shoes, clothes and accessories. We sell them with style, personalized and human service, and with a simple, efficient and profitable business model.

Fashion, comfort, style, elegance and sensuality like complements. Cuplé was born with the objective of wearing women want to wear with the last trends, without the need to make large investments in their shoes, boots, sandals, bags and many accessories to complete this sexy, feminine and urban women.

In Cuplé we look for a total look for women of today.

Our shops stand out for their special location in commercial frontline, their sophisticated and exclusive air, the strategical product placement in exhibitors, the illumination and their carefully shop windows.

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe"

International Cuplé

Cuplé is in an international expansion process to reach main markets of fashion and it’s in negotiation to go into different countries like South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa or Asia.

Cuplé is in countries like Germany, Austria, Algeria, France, Slovenia, Spain, Guatemala, Netherlands, Hungary, Mexico, Qatar and Norway.

Open your Cuplé store

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